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Our fees - reflecting our level of care and your value for money

With our qualified staff, superb facilities and dedicated childcare services, we aim to be the best local nursery in Newtownabbey and the surrounding areas. We offer an excellent reputation for providing the highest standards of care, but regularly review our nursery fees so that they remain competitive as well as offer great value for money.

We're confident in the services we offer and would love for you to visit us if you are currently looking for a professionally-run nursery for your child.


Call or contact us by email to arrange a visit and nursery tour and to chat about our services and prices.

Regular day nursery fees

There are two levels in our day nursery fee structure:

 -  Pre-school fees (children aged 0 - 4 years)

 -  After-school fees (children aged 4 - 11 years)

All fees are calculated on a weekly basis and are payable monthly in advance by:

 -  Standing order

 -  Electronic child care vouchers

Extra help - when you need it most

Parents are part of the Jigsaw Day Nursery community too, and we strive to help out by accommodating any extra sessions you might need, in addition to your regularly booked monthly hours. Contact us with any extra dates as soon as you know them and we'll do our best to help! All extra sessions are billed monthly and are payable upon receipt of invoice.

"A positive ethos to working in partnership with parents is evident in the setting."

- Inspection report

Detailed day-care price lists available upon request.


028 9334 4226

Day-care throughout the year ... almost!

At Jigsaw Day Nursery we strive to provide the care you need as often as you need it. So, although we're open most days of the year, just bear in mind these regular closure dates:

 -  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the 3 days after Boxing Day

 -  New Year's Day

 -  Easter Monday and Tuesday

 -  May Day

 -  12th and 13th July

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