Keeping in touch

When your child is going to be late arriving in the morning or going to be absent, we always welcome a phone call. If you are going to be off work for the day, please inform a staff member where you can be reached or to tell us to contact you on your mobile phone instead of on your work number.

Also, if you change work or move to a new house it is particularly important that the nursery is kept up to date with the changes in phone numbers.

There is a diary provided for each child for the baby room children and this is written up every day by the staff. This lets Mum & Dad know how their child has spent the day at nursery. At the end of each day a verbal handover will be given to inform.

At Jigsaw Day Nursery communication is at the centre of everything we do, and we are always on hand to discuss the care of your child. If you wish to make any comments, suggestions or make a complaint you can talk to your child’s room supervisor, Deputy Manager or Nursery Manager.

We have introduced a new app for use within the nursery called Seesaw. This is an invaluable tool to use as a window into your child’s day.

If you have any concerns as to your child’s behaviour at home or need a little bit of advice just give us a ring or pop into the office and talk it through. With all the experience we have gathered over the years we can usually come up with a couple of suggestions for you to try.

Help with Childcare Costs
Childcare Vouchers are implemented through your employer’s payroll and allow you to make up to £900 of tax and National Insurance savings per year on your childcare costs. The vouchers are available to both mums and dads which means potential savings of over £1,800 each year.

The employer also saves because the amount each parent swaps (for Childcare Vouchers) is exempt from employer’s National Insurance Contributions.
Tax-Free Childcare is another option to check for help with childcare costs here

Child Tax Credit from the Inland Revenue is awarded directly for childcare costs. A form is available from the Child Tax Credit Office on 0345 300 3900.