Our baby unit is a bright spacious but cosy room. Each unit has seperate sleeproom and nappy changing facilities.

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Jigsaw Nursery - Babies
Jigsaw Nursery - Tiddlers


After our babies, our next group is Tiddlers. The children are beginning to develop new skills by exploring and using their imagination. We encourage this through our monthly plans that is incorporated in our daily routine.

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We encourage children to become more independent. They love to sing songs, listen at storytime and play with their friends. We love to watch as their confidence and social skills grow.

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Jigsaw Nursery - Toddlers
Jigsaw Nursery - Pre-School


Within preschool are children are aged 3-5 years. We help and encourage your little one prepare for school. We introduce them to the early years curriculum and encourage them to enjoy learning as we make our daily routine fun and interesting. Some children also attending nursery school while in our care and enjoy using our 'jiggy bus' to transport them.

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After School Club

In after schools our goal is to provide a relaxed and fun environment for the children to build their social skills, do their homework and play with their friends.

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Jigsaw Nursery - After School Club

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