• In the baby room we welcome parents and children into a warm and stimulating environment.

  • We care for children aged 0-2 years where they have the opportunity to explore various activities including messy play, role play, construction, arts & crafts, baking and free play.
  • We have a wide range of sensory toys which are the babies’ favourite!
  • We understand that your baby starting nursery is a big transition for both you and your baby as after all they are the most important thing to you! Therefore we aim to keep routines as close to home as possible to ease their settling.

  • Babies have a separate sleep room and each baby has their own cot, blanket and sheet. Sleep times are in place to suit each individual child’s routine.

  • Each child also has their own daily diary which contains all of your babies fun filled day.

  • The babies also have the opportunity to explore outside in the garden and also have the opportunity to go for local adventure walks in the prams