After School Club

  • Children from preschool transition to after school as they join Primary 1.
  • Our afterschool club is catered for children aged 4- 11 years old.
  • Children will be collected from school by our friendly staff, given a nutritious afternoon snack and we even get homework under way, if you wish.
  • Outdoor play and equipment, slide, climbing frame, swings, football and team games are part of the daily routine weather providing.
  • We have a role play area- where the children contribute to creating a home corner to suit the topic of the month.
  • We incorporate star of the week which helps to encourage being kind, helpful, being a good friend and also using kind words.
  • The children love to participate in circle time and discuss many different topics
  • Outside of term time full daycare is available. Trips to the zoo, walks to the park and games on the lawn make this a fun time to be at Jigsaw.
    We do a range of activities and trips especially over the Summer as we have a great fun filled Summer Scheme!