In preschool, we help prepare your child for starting school. We work hard to further build confidence and self-esteem by encouraging success and rewarding effort in all our children. It is a warm, friendly and caring room as our staff and the children work, play and learn together. 

Our children are introduced to the basic early years’ curriculum of reading, writing and mathematics as they get ready for starting school. Children are eager to learn and so every day we encourage their inquiring minds to investigate, explore, experiment and grow their sense of wonder. We love to hear their ideas and thoughts and we can use these to plan our daily lessons and activities, such as the importance of recycling, colours of nature and foods of the season…

As it is important that learning is fun at this stage, Preschool has a wide range of play equipment to help the children develop their ability to concentrate and learn. This includes sand and water, dough, paints, dressing up clothes, building blocks, books and jigsaws, to name but a few. We have a ‘separate art room, where we let the children use their imaginations and get ‘creative’. Our children also love to go outside to run around and play in our large, secure garden to the back of the nursery. There we have outdoor play equipment including a slide, swings and climbing frame. 

Encourage early educational skills, help the children to become more independent and self-confident, have lots of fun