• Tiddlers is the next group after babies, where the children will begin the next stage of their development.

  • We try to explore and develop many different aspects through the use of stories, songs, artwork, messy play, trips out, baking and outdoor play. All of these activities are based around a monthly topic.

  • The Tiddlers favourite thing to do is play in our spacious garden where we can explore the large climbing frame, play house and use our favourite toys and ride ons. In the Summer we love to put on our swimming suits and have a splash of a time in the paddling pool!

  • In Tiddlers we try to incorporate both structured and free play activities. We encourage their first independence through choosing what they want to play with and learning how to feed themselves at lunch time and snack time.

  • After a busy morning of playing and learning, your child will have the opportunity to have a rest. To make this as comfortable as possible we provide foam sleep mats and cosy blankets