• Toddlers is the final group before the big move to preschool.

  • Here they gain their independence,confidence and social skills grow.

  • Toddlers are very active and willing to explore in all areas throughout their development. This is done through songs, stories, building, baking and of course getting messy!

  • These activities are all based around a monthly plan created by staff in the room. This includes a topic, shape, colour, rhyme and any celebrations.

  • Toddlers enjoy being outside in our bright spacious garden which is fully equipped with climbing frames, swings, play house and their favourite ride ons and balance bikes!Another highlight of our garden is the mud kitchen which the children love to use their imagination and get messy!

  • Toddlers are also now at the stage they are willing to explore potty training. This can be a challenging time for both the parents and the child. We aim to work alongside parents and continue to help, guide, encourage and reward children throughout this process. We have small children’s toilets and potties available as well as a nappy changing area. Handwashing is also taught and encouraged to promote self-care and independence.

  • After a busy morning, toddlers need a well-deserved rest to recharge for all the afternoons fun! We provide sleep mats and cosy blankets to ensure an extra comfy rest.

  • We also have external visitors such as music classes, magicians and exercise classes to enhance fun learning and developing! Toddlers also love adventure outings to places such as farms, Zoo, Parks and other exciting places which fit in with our topics.