Tweenies is our group between Tiddlers and Toddlers. They enjoy arts/crafts, messy play, sand and water play and lots more. We do the messy stuff so you don't have to!
  • In Tweenies the children have progressed from tiddlers. The children in this room are aged between 2-3 years old.
  • Tweenies love arts and crafts! 
  • Outdoor play is a favourite activity! We have a large climbing frame, ride ons, mud kitchen and trampoline!
  • Cooking activities are also loved by the children. They help mix ingredients, decorate buns and best of all, get to eat them!
  • Sleep time is also available, we provide foam mats and cosy blankets. If the child no longer requires a sleep they have to option to have quiet time, play or have a story.